Paris: Top 10 movie locations to see in the 1st arrondissement

The 1st arrondissement in Paris is one of the oldest parts of the capital. The Quartier des Halles for example dates from the Middle Ages and has seen the passage of generations of human beings. To guide your visit ,as much historical as that of a hysterical fan, here is a selection of 10 locations immortalised by cinema to see in this beautiful section of Paris.

10 filming locations in the 1st arrondissement

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Fantrip direction in the 1st arrondissement

The Samaritaine Department Store - Little Nothings, Holy Motors

The biggest Parisian department store with 48,000 m2 of retail surface has unfortunately been closed to the public since 2005.  The re-opening is planned for 2019.  The art deco and art nouveau style building is listed as a historical monument!   It’s only natural then that the cameras of Little Nothings, The Toy or even Holy Motors chose this Parisian consumer paradise for décor!

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The place Vendôme - Fantomas, Everybody says I Love You

Impossible to go to Paris without wandering around the Vendôme square. It is one of the most famous and most luxurious of the City of Lights. Did you know that there is an exact copy in the small town called Charleville-Mézières? In any case, it’s the Paris Vendôme square that we see in Fantomas, Le Marquis or Everybody says I Love You.

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The Orangerie museum - Midnight in Paris

The Orangerie museum found within the Tuileries gardens houses works of impressionist and post-impressionist painters.  Partner to the Orsay museum, the collection of world famous artists will amaze you, as will the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris.

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Pyramides place - The Bourne Identity

This magnificent square, which owes its name to Bonaparte’s war campaign victories in Egypt, is located right near the Tuileries gardens.  This is where you’ll find the main entrance to the Regina hotel, where The Bourne Identity or Same old song were shot.  The square also appears in Adèle Blanc-Sec.

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The Louvre Pyramid - Wonder Woman, The Da Vinci Code

Conceived by the Sino-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei, the Louvre Pyramid was commissioned by François Mitterand in 1983. Situated in the centre of the Louvre museum’s Napoleon Courtyard, it is a featherweight of 95 metric tons. Despite numerous detractors, the pyramid is nothing less than an architectural masterpiece and has also been the setting for several films. You’ll find it in The Da Vinci Code, Ready to Wear and even Wonder Woman!

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The Comédie Française Theater - The Party, Charade

At the time when theater was not well thought of, the only king that had a soft spot for this art, Louis XIV, commissioned its creation.  However, Molière has always been credited with this decision, even though the decision came several days after his death.  As a matter of fact, the armchair in which he took his last breath is exhibited here.  You can see this magnificent building in The Party as well as Charade.

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The Sainte-Eustache Parish Church - Micmacs, Sabrina

The Sainte-Eustache parish church is an architectural masterpiece, built in Gothic with Renaissance details. Dating from the 16th century, and to echo the fanspot just mentioned, numerous celebrity baptisms have taken place here including that of …Molière! The church also appears in Micmacs , not forgetting Sabrina!

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The Pont Neuf - The Lovers on the Bridge

The oldest bridge in Paris is also classed as a historical monument as well as being part of UNESCO World Heritage.  With a length of 238 m, it is long enough for The Lovers on the Bridge to live out their incongruous love, but also for Idiot in Paris to cross it! 

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36 Quai des Orfèvres - 36th Precinct, Dear Inspector

This mythical address once housed the Parisian criminal police force. Now, it is the base for the rapid intervention brigade to counter any terrorist threat. These buildings built between 1875 and 1880 have accommodated characters from 36th Precinct, Dear Inspector as well as Le Samouraï.

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The Palais de justice - 9 Month Stretch, The Sicilian Clan

You won’t have to go far for this fanspot because it’s located at…… 36 Quai des orfèvres !  Only this is the courthouse.  Like the Phoenix, the courthouse has been through a good number of fires, but has always risen from the ashes.  Around 13,000 people pass through here every day, and many films were shot here, such as 9 Month Stretch orThe Sicilian Clan.

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