Paris : 10 places to follow in the footsteps of Amélie Poulain.

The famous film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, with the no less famous Audrey Tatou, is piece of work emblematic of the beginning of the 21st century. In addition to a scenario full of life, the film is a veritable homage to Montmartre and to Paris itself. Here is a selection of places that are both remarkable and unmissable.

Café des deux moulins

As we mention in our Guide Paris of 1000 cult movie, series, music, comics, novel locations, it’s in this café that Amélie Poulain (Audrey Tatou) works.  This establishment with an air of the 1950s, situated in Montmartre near the Moulin Rouge and the Moulin de la Galette, is as much a local bar as a pleasant bistro serving traditional dishes.


In all her good-heartedness, Amélie Poulain offers a blind man a quick guided tour of rue Lamarck.  After the visit, Amélie sets off down the double staircase into the metro of rue Lamarck-Caulaincourt.  This is also the metro she takes to catch up to her lover boy.  A must-see!

Saint-Martin Canal

It’s in this canal, more precisely under the lock-bridge that allows you to go from rue Bichat to the Valmy quay,  that Amélie likes to do ricochets.  Famous in other films as well, the banks of the canal are also a great setting for a 4.5 km walk.  Once the inevitable photo taken, why not take a nice stroll or a boat ride even!

Notre Dame of Paris

Of all the Paris monuments, Notre-Dame is probably one of the most amazing.  Built in 1163, it has traversed time.  The cathedral has also seen a lot of cameras, like those of Jean-Pierre Jeunet to shoot the scenes where the young Amélie is regularly taken by her mother in the hopes that “heaven would give her a little brother”.

The metro station Abbesses

In the almost deserted Abesses station, Amélie notices the soft sounds of an Edith Piaf song.  In reality, the scene was filmed at the Porte des Lilas station which is actually a ghost station, used exclusively for films and series and closed to the public since 1939!

At the Marché de la butte 

The Marché de la Butte is a grocery store where Lucien works and right near Amélie Poulain’s apartment.  She goes here notably during her investigation to find the child, now grown-up, to whom the box of keepsakes belongs.

The Verre à pied bistro

Rue Mouffetard appears several times in the film.  The phone box, the improvised guided visit or even the famous bar where Amélie Poulain meets Dominique Bretodeau.   The little metal box whose owner she looks for at the Marché de la butte is in fact his.  It’s a really nice bistro located on a pedestrian street.

Cinema Studio 28

« Sometimes on a Friday night, Amélie goes to the cinema ».  And you too, you can attend a showing in this independent cinema of timeless style with Cocteau chandeliers  and great red curtains but also with cutting-edge technology, a high definition electronic projector and digital sound.

At the Clown de la république

In this little shop on the boulevard Saint-Martin, Amélie Poulain finds an accessory indispensable to her new life:  a Zorro mask!  Go into this shop and feel all the emotion of our young character faced with so many jokes, hoax and novelty items!

The Amiraux Swimming Pool

This swimming pool which served as the decor for Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film is now classed as a historical monument.  It was closed in 2015 for renovations but has been open again since November 2017.  So go ahead and do a few lengths in this splendid Art Deco pool!


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