Star Wars : 10 locations to turn planet Earth into a galaxy !

Star Wars is a worldwide famous movie, but did you know that the filming locations of the saga are as well? From Tunisia to Guatemala, discover 10 must-see places for Star Wars (and world traveling) fans !

The Royal Palace of Queen Amidala

Caserta in Italy hosts one of the properties of the Bourbon royal family of Naples, but for Star Wars fans it’s above all the Palace of Queen Amidala (episode I - The Phantom Menace) ! It’s in this beautiful 47.000 square feet edifice that George Lucas decided to install his cameras. Instead of recreating a digital set, he chose to really film in this location which is according to him an “incredible piece of architecture” and it would represent a titanic work to try to reproduce its beauty digitally. You can visit this magnificent Palace for about 13 euros to follow the footsteps of the Queen of Naboo ! 

Amidala’s resting home

The young Skywalker escorts Queen Amidala to her resting home to protect her. It’s also where they kiss for the first time ! Located in Italy on Lake Como, this villa was built in 1787 on the ruins of a Franciscan Convent and offers a panoramic view on the Alps and the lake that will please Star Wars fans. It was also used for the filming of many movies and it’s possible to visit it ! 

Plaza in front of the Naboo Palace 

Spain and in particular Sevilla and its famous Spain Square also have their place in the saga. Conceived for the 1929 Ibero-American exhibition, this huge plaza was built by 1000 men and it was the most expensive construction of the event. It’s on this plaza that Anakin and Amidala wander in episode II, just after exiting the Palace (when we know that it’s located in Italy, it’s quite a jump !).

The Kashyyyk battle site

You will certainly recognize this bay present in many movies. The Phang Nga bay in Thailand near Phuket even became a national park in 1981. Rock-art sites, surprising shapes and breathtaking landscapes form the setting of the famous Kashyyyk air battle in episode III ! Filming took place with a reduced crew while most scenes from this movie were captured in studios in Sydney.

Luke Skywalker’s house

This fanspot is made up of two different sites in Tunisia : the exterior is located about 10 km west from Nefta near P3 road. A real tourist attraction, inside you won’t find the decor of the Skywalker farm !

 It’s located in Matmatat, in a hotel called Sidi Driss. It’s in this hotel that the images of the Lars troglodyte farm were shooted, home of Luke Skywalker in episode IV (that appeared also in episode II).

Former rebel base

The ancient Maya city of Tikal in Guatemala was used for the rebel base of Yavin 4 in episode IV, that also appears in Rogue One ! It’s this place that Princess Leia Organa keeps secret. The Empire manages to discover it and all the pilots, including the young Luke, must destroy the terrible Death Star. After this victory, the rebels decide to change their base.  

Planet Hoth

Star Wars Episode V begins with chilling scenes : the terrible ice world of Hoth ! The crew chose Norway, and more precisely the glacier that goes by the sweet name of Hardangerjøkulen, near Finse, to shoot the scenes. No need to say that you will have to be well equipped to go there, and that you won’t be able to count on a friend to get you into a Tauntaun’s belly to keep you warm ! (The creatures used as mounts by the heroes) 

Jabba the Hutt’s desert

Everyone remembers the two poor droids on a mission to reach Jabba the Hutt’s hiding spot. They must cross an arid and wild landscape to help Luke rescue Han Solo. These scenes were filmed in the Death Valley, more precisely in the Twenty Mule Team Canyon. Quick anecdote, if you aren’t aware of this, the two actors playing c3po and r2d2 didn’t get along, and the scenes in which there’s only the two of them and they must stick together must have been very painful for them, given their resentment.

New rebel base

The rebel base in episode VII is located in England. It’s the Greenham Common Cold War Airbase Control Tower. Opened in 1942 and an essential element during the Second World War and during the Cold War for the Royal Air Force, it has been closed since 1997. It also was used as a filming location for the famous show Top Gear or for one of Beyoncé’s music videos !

Luke Skywalker’s island

Let’s finish this top 10 with a gorgeous landscape, and especially the end of episode VII : the famous scene where Rey finds Luke Skywalker, who has disappeared for many years. It’s in Ireland, on Skellig Michael Island, that this scene was filmed. Today, nobody lives on this island listed as World Heritage by UNESCO since 1996 (not even an old Jedi Master), but its lighthouse has been operating since 1800.

Dear globetrotter friends, travel the world to the sound of The Imperial March, and reveal your inner force !

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