Home Alone 2, Lost in New York : The Plaza Hotel allows fans to relive scenes from the movie

For the 25th anniversary of the movie, the fancy New York hotel gives the opportunity to fans of the film to stay in the luxury establishment in the shoes of Kevin McCallister and to visit several shooting locations.

Remember. November 20th 1992, the movie Home Alone was released in the United States and two years later, the sequel enjoyed a global success, making $358.994.850 of revenue worldwide.

This time, the action doesn’t take place in the McCallister house in Chicago, but in New York City. The family is ready to board to spend Christmas in Florida making sure this time not to forget Kevin (Macaulay Culkin), but he gets on the wrong plane and flies alone to the Big Apple. 

The young boy experiences tons of adventures in the city that never sleeps and it is still possible today to go and see the many places where the filming took place (we mention this in our guide New York of 1000 cult movie, series, music, comics and novel locations).

Kevin bumps into Donald Trump

As resourceful as in the first movie, Kevin manages this time to stay in the famous Plaza Hotel where he bumps into Donald Trump in the entrance. The current American President was at the time the owner of the place. He had bought The Plaza in 1988 for 407 million dollars, declaring then : “I haven’t purchased a building, I purchased a masterpiece.” He sold it in 1995 for 325 million dollars to Troy Richard Campbell and the Prince Al Waleed.

But the most striking scenes in this luxurious establishment mainly take place in the suite that Kevin rents using his father’s credit card. The young boy takes advantage of the many services offered to clients, binge-eating a load of desserts and ordering a limo while escaping Mr Hector’s (Tim Curry), the hotel concierge, suspicion. 

To celebrate the movie’s 25th anniversary, The Plaza gives the opportunity to fans to relive some scenes from the movie in the shoes of Kevin McCallister with the “Live like Kevin” package.

Room, ice cream, filming locations and branded backpack

On the menu : a room in the hotel where you will be served for free a mountain of ice cream like the one the hero enjoys watching an old gangster movie, a walk through Central Park including photo sessions on several filming locations and a branded backpack containing the DVDs of the two movies and the Blu-Ray of the second film. 

And for a total immersion, it is possible to add to this package several options to follow Kevin’s footsteps : an express access to the top of the Empire State Building, a 4 hour ride in a limo, or to call on professional photographers. 

In November 2017, it is even possible to enjoy in The Plaza’s Todd English Restaurant, a menu “back to the 90s” while a Kevin McCallister lookalike contest will be organised November 27th. 

All this however comes for a price. Available from December 1st 2017 till October 29th 2018, the basic offer costs $895. Close to the amount of Kevin’s room service bill that his father discovers with disbelief at the end…

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