Harry Potter: Top 10 London filming locations

Visiting London? Wanna find Harry Potter favourites places? Here they are our top 10 of places from J.K. Rowling saga.

Harry Potter : Ten filming locations in London 

Diagon Alley, Leaky Cauldron, Platform 9 3/4, here they are our ten fanspots from Harry Potter, movies insired by J.K. Rowling's books.

London Zoo

Harry Potter is not officially a sorcerer when he visits this Zoo, ans accidentaly frees a big snake. Careful, the snake might still be around...

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Harry Potter Chemin de TraversePetite

Diagon Alley

Wana buy a magic wand, or some trick from Weasley's? You might be able to find the acces to Diagon Alley near Leadenhall Market.

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Leaky Cauldron

Every sorcerer favourite pub, and an adress that no one can forget: 1, Diagon Alley. In Muddle London, the entry of the optician of Leadenhall Market was used in the movies.

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Platform 9 3/4

Ready for Hogwarts? Let(s go! The train leave from King's Cross, ans platform 93/4 is the place that every potterhead must visit at least once: there is an offical Harry potter shop just a few meters away !

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[Bonus] British Library (and the "Harry Potter: a history of magic" exhibition)

Since you are at King's Cross, you must go to the British Library, just accross the street. Here you will fiond a permanent exhibition called Treasures of the British Library: Magna Carta, original manuscripts from legendary writers, songs lyrics handwritten by the Beatles... Hermione Granger's dream exhibition!
And if you go to the British Library before the end of Februray 2018, you can  visit the exhibition "Harry Potter: A History of Magic" (£5.50 to 16£): first drafts, inspirations, archives from J.K. Rowling... A Potterhead Dream!

Minister of Magic

The Minister of Magic is in the heart of London, near the Muggle Ministries and 10 Downing Street. One story is that the phone booth used by Mr Weasley and  Harry Potter to acces it was added for the scene. Another story is that you might be able to find it, hidden under some invisibility cloak! And if you can't, there is another secret ministry dix minutes away, called the Churchill War Rooms. From this giant bunker, Winston Churchill fought World War II!

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National Portrait Gallery

One of the most famous museum in London. Not seen in the movies, but a huge inspiration for Hogwarts portraits-covered walls.

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Sirius Blake House

the ancestral House of the noble Blake family is hidden here in north London. But you will need your wand to find it.

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Mad-Eye classroom

Hogwarts is bit and pieces of several buildings. In London, you can find the stair leading to Professeur Mad-Eye lesson of Defence Against the Dark Arts  (Harry Potter ans the Gobelet of fire).

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Surbiton railway station

It's in this station that Harry Potter reads the news when Dumbledore reach him, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

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Harry Potter Millenium BridgePetite

Millenium bridge

The beautiful bridge destroyed bu Death Eaters is the Millenium Bridge, a pedestrian bridge accross the Thames. Completed in 2000, it should not be in a movie that's supposed to take place in 1996. In the books, it's a bridge caleld Brockdale's Bridge that is destroyed.

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