Experiencing London as a real Kingsman!

Kingsman 2 : the Golden Circle is in theater, and you dream to be as posh as Taron Egerton. Let's have a look at the places from "Secret Service" that you can actually visit.

Kingsman shop

11 Savile Row, Mayfair, London W1S 3PS, United Kingdoms

Wanna buy a bulletproof suit made by the best tailor in London? Let's go to the Kingsman shop! Or, as it is in reality, the Huntsman shop, who inspired Kingsman's, and was used as a set for the movie. The outside is exactly the same, the shop adress is the movie is the real adress, and you can even still find à discret logo just above the information on the left of the door.
And inside? Very classy ans very expensive suits (famous clients of the Huntsman shop are from the Royal family). But as far as we can tell, no secret HQ. As far as we can tell.

Eggsy's flat

Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London
The brutalist-style city where Eggsy lives is known as the Alexandra and Ainsworth estate, or Rowley Way, in Northwest London. That gigantic building erected between 1972 and 1978 count 520 flats, a school, and accomodations.
This is where Eggsy lives with is mother ans sisterwhen thee story begins. Eggsy's row with is mother's boyfriend, or Eggsy's mother destroying a door with an axe, where shot inside an appartement. Eggsy's escaping gang members with casual gym skills was shot just outside.

The Black Prince (pub)

6 Black Prince Road, Kennington, London SE11
Eggsy's place might be in North London, but all is neighbourhood favorite pub, The Black Prince, is on the other side of the city. This is where Eggsy clash with locals thugs, and where Harry Hart (Colin Firth / Galahad) steps in with crazy fighting skills and gadgets.

Kingsmen's secret HQ

Wrotham Park, Barnet Road, Hertfordshire
This big mansion is used by the Kingsman organisation as a training camp for rookies. The place as been seen in numerous movies, but you can't visit it - unless you want to rent it for some kind of event.

The extremist church

The Garrison Church of St Barbara's, London, Deepcut, Camberley GU16 6QT, UK (Deepcut Road)
It's in this church (taht is supposed to be un Kentucky, USA) that one the most crazy figthing scene ever shot takes place. Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) is beta-testing is new and terrible invention taht turn everyone into a killing machine, and Galahad (Colin Firth) is there. Fighting, screams, bllod, more fihting, and at the end Galahad is the only one left standing, with 130 corpses on the floor Month of preparation and a entire week for filming where necessary.

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