New York: the must-see places of The Get Down

New York is such a rhythmic city, that it is really a musical movement as important and striking as Hip-Hop. The Get Down traces the emergence of this culture with its advantages and disadvantages.

The Steep Street

In the Bronx there are a lot of “steep steps streets” or more simply “steps streets”, very characteristic of local culture.  As of the first episode, we see the characters fly up and down them. This one has precisely 119 steps.

DJ Kool Herc’s building

As we mention in our guide New York of 1000 cult movies, series, musics, comics and novels locations, Hip-hop was born here where DJ Kool Herc organized parties.  In the series, the boys come here to try and buy Kool Herc cassettes and end up meeting the legend.

Andrew Freedman Home

The Mansion, or the Andrew Freedman Home, is a historical building whose construction was financed by the industrialist and millionaire Andrew Freedman.  After almost experiencing financial ruin in 1907, he decided to create this retirement home for rich people having lost their fortune. The establishment opened its doors in 1924.  When the funds financing the residence dried up in 1965, residents were asked to pay rent and so most of them left. Thus the building closed its doors to reopen in 1983 with the mission of welcoming all elderly persons without distinction.  Several legends of hip-hop, including DJ Kool Herc, have stayed here.

Writer Bench, 149th Street-Grand Concourse Station

The bench seen in the 149th-Grand Concourse station is part of Bronx heritage and called the “Writer’s Bench”.  It’s here that the graffiti artists of the 70s used to get together, set out to do “fieldwork” or just watch the trains go by covered with graffiti and admire the work of others.  Today the metros are not covered in graffiti but a plaque does recount the history of this bench.

Down Town Association


Founded in 1859, the Down Town Association is one of the oldest private clubs in New York.  The building was completed in 1887 by one of the members, the architect Charles Haight.

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