New York: the must-see places of Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them

When a brief stay in New York without surprise becomes a real hunt for the fantastic animals contained in his magic suitcase, it is the occasion for Norbert, and for us spectators, to discover a bewitching New York.

Magical Congress of the United States of America

From the inauguration in 1913 to 1930, the Woolworth was the tallest building in the world (241m).  What could be more normal then that this building hosted the Magical Congress of the United States of America.

Old City Hall Station

The historical City Hall station, open in 1904, was recreated in a studio for the final combat scene and the discovery of who is Grindelwald. Closed since 1945 when trains were getting longer and needed bigger platforms, it is, however, still possible to see it today.  To do that, take Line 6 to the terminus “Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall”. Don’t get off the subway. After a short pause, the train will do a u-turn in this exquisite abandoned station that you can marvel at.

Central Park Zoo

While looking for the Erumpent, the enormous magical mammal escaped from the suitcase, Norbert Dragonneau (Eddie Redmayne) and Jacob Kowalske (Dan Fogler), go to Central Park Zoo.  Even though the film was shot in a studio you’ll still feel at home at this location stretching over 6.5 acres.

The Goldstein sisters’ apartment

The Writers House greatly inspired the studio creation of the Goldstein sisters lodging while the Tenement Museum (103 Orchard St) served as a model for Jacob Kowalski’s apartment.

Kowalski's apartment

The museum tenement served as inspiration for the studio creation of Jacob Kowalski's apartment. This museum is dedicated to the history of the many immigrants.

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