Paris: 10 gastronomic restaurants seen on your favorite fictions

The reputation of Paris in terms of culinary excellence and haute gastronomy is proven. Our Top Chefs.

The Tour d'Argent

Liliane Burgaud’s  Challans duckling is still the star feature now served in five services.  Behind this small revolution is Philippe Labbé, who earned the two stars boasted by La Chèvre d’Or (at Eze) and L’Abeille (the Shangri-la Hotel restaurant).  This super chef has been in charge of the Tour d’Argent since 2016, the year when the institution on the banks of the Seine, founded in 1582, sold part of its heritage in an auction sale: 10,000 objects, amongst which a duck press, crystal glasses, 17th century silver cutlery and 58 bottles, including a Cognac Clos de Griffier 1788.  Don’t worry though, the wine cellar, lovingly cared for by David Ridgeway for 40 years, still includes nearly a half a million bottles.


With three Michelin stars as we mention in our guide Paris of 1000 cult movies, series, musics, comics and novels locations, L’Arpège celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2016 and is still composing perfect scores with not the slightest false note.  Alain Passard, the virtuoso serves a cuisine that is modern, creative, refined, with sublime vegetables homegrown in his gardens in the Sarthe and Eure departments “in order to tell the story right from the seed to the plate”.  In a decor punctuated with Bacchanals in Lalique crystal, his fine multi-colored ravioles potagères and his sushis légumiers perfumed with fig leaves makes a dizzying serenade brought together with some lovely bottles of Clément Lefaux. 

Plaza Athénée Restaurant 

The Plaza Athénée restaurant has always had its head in the stars (three to be exact) thanks to Alain Ducasse.  In an amazing setting, created by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, the emperor of French gastronomy, head of 20 restaurants throughout the world, offers a natural cuisine resulting from the complicity with chef Romain Meder.  Sustainable fishing, long-forgotten grains and vegetables harvested in the Jardin de la Reine at the Château of Versailles cooked to perfection.

The Grand Véfour

A jewel of 18th century decorative arts, situated in the Beaujolais gallery of the Palais-Royal gardens, the Grand Véfour, with two stars awarded from the Michelin Guide, is masterly run by the talented chef Guy Martin, who also became the owner in 2011.  On the menu of this restaurant ranking as one of the most beautiful in Paris, frequented in the past by Bonaparte, Hugo, Colette, Malraux, are two gems: the Ravioles de foie gras with truffled cream and the Parmentier of oxtail with truffles.

The Jules Verne

Jules Verne would not have denied himself this voyage that awakens all the senses.  On the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, at a height of 125m, the one and only Alain Ducasse delights with a refined cuisine revisiting the classics of French culinary heritage.  Baked Blue Lobster, Spelt wheat from Sault and tomato, Turbot with shellfish, Roasted farm fowl with girolle mushrooms and lemon preserve, the dizzying menu experience plays out over five or six dishes.

Baccarat Cristal Room 

Nestled in the very chic private mansion of Marie-Laure de Noailles, the Cristal Room was totally renovated in 2017; a new decor (we love the furniture in bright colored velvet)  done by the interior designer Jacques Grange, and a new chef, Mathieu Méchéri.  Successor to Guy Martin, Méchéri has added multiple culinary references to the Lorraine area of France (quiche revisited, Mirabelle plum soufflé) which is also the geographical origin of the Maison Baccarat.

Lapérouse Restaurant 

The small Lapérouse salons were originally used to facilitate money transactions before being transformed from their original function to become the theatre of more gallant rendezvous.  Today you’ll appreciate the savory gastronomic cuisine.  Established in this 18th century private mansion, this mythical restaurant has delighted the Paris literary world, notably Victor Hugo, after whom one of the salons is named.  For dessert, order the gourmet Lapérouse soufflé served with caramel sauce, on the menu for 127 years!


Edern, the restaurant of Jean-Edern Hurstel, former executive chef at the Peninsula and having also passed by l’Arpège and chez Gordon Ramsey at Aubergine.  He opened this restaurant in August 2018 on the premises of the Citrus Etoile of Gilles Epié.  The decoration over two levels with a bar-lounge in the basement was done by the English designer Paul Bishop.

Le Fouquet's

Particularly reputed for serving every year since 1979 the traditional gala dinner of the César Awards, Le Fouquet’s was redecorated in 2017 by Jacques Garcia.  The menu, put together in collaboration with the Chef Pierre Gagnaire, offers original versions of the great “brasserie” classics such as filet of beef with black pepper, green cabbage and Champs-Elysées sauce.


One of the most famous Parisian establishments in the world, as much a jewel of Art Nouveau as a highlight of French gastronomy, which has seen a parade of celebrities from Parcel Proust to Lady Gaga, not forgetting Mari Callas, Brigitte Bardot, John Travolta and Dita von Teese.  Their Albert sole braised in vermouth and their langoustine remain a great choice.

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