New York: the must-see places of Louie

Plunge into the world of New York stand-up comedy with Louie, a just recently divorced comedian whose life is in part a fictionalized version of Louis CK's, the actor who plays him.

Comedy Cellar

Visible a number of times in the theme and often at the beginning of an episode, the performance venue where Louie (Louis C.K.) does his shows is considered to be the best in New York for stand-up.  The Olive Tree Café, the upstairs restaurant, also appears. It offers very good quality for the price and a lot of performers dine here after the show.

Carolines on Broadway

As we mention in our Guide New York of 1000 cult movie, series, music, comics, novel locations, the second New York stand-up venue where Louie performs regularly is bigger than the Comedy Cellar.  It’s here that the New York Comedy Festival takes place each year.

Late Show

During episodes 10 and 12 in season 3, the TV channel CBS is thinking about replacing David Letterman, the legendary host of the Late Show since 1993.  A prospect for taking over, Louie has an audition with Jack Dahl, played by David Lynch. David Letterman did retire on May 20th, 2015 after a final show watched by 13.76 million viewers.  Stephen Colbert became the new host. You can attend a recording session of this very popular show.  It’s free, but even with a ticket you have to be among the first come as the show overbooks to make sure the front rows will be full.

Organic Deli & Grocery

The funniest scene of season 1 takes place in this grocery where Louie, disguised as a cop for a role, goes to buy some donuts.  When the robbers arrive, the store manager asks him for help.

Ben's pizzeria

In the opening theme, Louie is walking in the street and stops in front of this pizzeria, open since 1956, before going to the Comedy Cellar a few steps away.

Mojo coffee / the Elk

After an evening out with a bit too much booze, Louie orders a coffee and discovers that the waitress and other customers are speaking an incomprehensible language.  The original Mojo Coffee is now called The Elk.

Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal

During episode 9 in season 1, Louie follows the little bully who ruined his rendezvous.  He takes the Staten Island ferry to go meet the young man’s parents, who beat their son, obliging Louie to intervene before being thrown out.


Louie and his two daughters have breakfast and a great time together in this Ukrainian restaurant whose name means “rainbow”, open since 1954. A veritable institution, it has won numerous awards and appears in movies, series, songs and comics.

Community Bookstore

In season 3, Louie meets Liz (Parker Posey) in this bookstore.  He tries to seduce her with a monologue as honest as it is disarming.  Selling used books since 1971, the Community Bookstore is very appreciated by the area residents.  You may not find your next flirt, but you’ll find a good book for sure!

Washington Square Park

This beautiful park is the ideal spot to make you feel good.  Unfortunately, it’s not enough for Louie to seduce Pamela (Pamela Adlon) in episode 13. This single mom claims she doesn’t want to go out with him because he has kids.

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