New York : The must-see places of Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter personifies the most hot-tempered, bad-ass but the most talented detective in the Marvel universe. The character Jessica Jones was invented in 2001 by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos in the comic series Alias. They wanted Jessica Dew, the first Spider-woman, to be the main character but quite rapidly Jessica Jones turned out to be the better choice.

Alias Investigations

The official address of Jessica Jones’ (Krysten Ritter) apartment and detective agency is at 485 W 48th St, in the Hell’s Kitchen area.  However, the facade and the building lobby were filmed a lot higher up, in the Upper West Side.  As for the interior scenes they were shot at 460 W 46th St.  The same thing for Trish Walker’s (Rachel Taylor) apartment, which even though it’s supposed to be in Tribeca, the building filmed for the exterior shots is at 465 West 23rd St.

Luke Cage's bar

Luke Cage (Mike Colter) lives above his bar.  His bedroom window at the first floor left corner overlooks avenue B.  Sitting on the steps of the building across the road, Jessica first spies on him for a while, then goes inside.  She has a few drinks before spending the night with him. The Vazac’s, also called 7B because it’s on the corner of 7th St and B Ave, is typical of New York and has been filmed many times.

Kilgrave's apartment

Zebediah Kilgrave (David Tennant) likes luxury, and so he gets himself this sumptuous penthouse where Jessica saves the life of a police agent and uncovers several photos of herself.  The apartment is located on the top floor of this building which was the highest- selling building in Manhattan in 2013. The new owners had to dish out $43 billion to buy it.

Court Square Diner

As we mention in our Guide New York of 1000 cult movie, series, music, comics, novel locations, Jessica meets Kilgrave’s former victims  who regularly get together in this really nice diner open non-stop.  She identifies her enemy’s mother very quickly.

Angel Orensanz Foundation

Luke, controlled by Kilgrave, and Jessica confront each other in a huge combat in this incredible place.  This gothic synagogue dating from 1849 was abandoned when the Spanish artist Angel Orensanz decided to restore it in 1986 and turn it into an art center and performance space.  You can enjoy a number of exhibitions and visual performances enhancing the architecture of the location. It’s also here that Jessica Parker, the actress from Sex and the City, married Matthew Broderick in 1997.

CDC (extérieur)

The little interior street running between the wings of this U-shaped building was used for the derelict buildings of the CDC, the government organization in charge of disease control in the United States.  Previously, there was an airtight room in this abandoned center. The series characters use it to hold Killgrave prisoner, thus preventing him to use his powers.

Empire City Cruise Line

At the time of the inauguration in 1929, the Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower was the highest building in Brooklyn (156 m).  The site has since been changed into apartments and its fabulous art deco hall is a venue for events. The outcome of the season begins here:  the building appear as a maritime terminal where Trish creates a diversion and where Killgrave uses the police to fight Jessica while he tries to escape.  The final scene, supposedly taking place just beside on the port jetty, was filmed at the other end of the city, on Pier 88 in Manhattan.

Kilgrave's former loft

The loft where Kilgrave was living when he was with Jessica has an incomparable view overlooking Brooklyn Bridge.  It’s here that he left the young woman free of his psychological grip for 18 seconds and she didn’t do anything, due to so much hesitation.  The last apartment that the criminal takes over, in the last 2 episodes, is located at the other end of the bridge, at the top of Tower 270 (80 Chambers St) in Manhattan.


Jessica goes to this Japanese restaurant where she had dined with Kilgrave for the anniversary of their meeting.  At that time though it was called Rosso and served Italian food. In reality, the menu was more traditional but the establishment closed in 2017.  It’s also here that the bloody end of episode 11 takes place when Jessica and Albert Thompson (Michael Siberry) find Kilgrave holding Hope Schottman (Erin Moriarty) as well as the victims’ group members in a precarious position.

Union Square

Having figured out that Malcolm transmits photos of her every day to Kilgrave, Jessica follows him into this beautiful park dating from 1883.  The coffee shop where her enemy gets kidnapped is just opposite (The Coffee Shop, 29 Union Square W).

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