New York : The must-see places of Homeland

The sixth season of Homeland coincides with Carrie Mathison’s return to the United States. The ex-agent works in New York for a legal office that provides aid to Muslims living in the United States. At the same time, the president elect, Elizabeth Keane, is getting ready to take office. Her pacific stance worries the directors of the CIA.

Carrie Mathison’s house

Even though she works in Williamsburg (101 Broadway, Brooklyn), Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) lives in a brownstone typical of the Bedford-Stuyvesant area. As we mention in our Guide New York of 1000 cult movie, series, music, comics, novel locations, only the façade was filmed, the interior scenes were filmed at Greenpoint’s Cine Magic East River Studios (11 Kent St).

Intercontinental New York Barclay

When reality inspires fiction.  While waiting for her investiture, the president elect Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) works out of this luxurious hotel, open in 1926, where she has her campaign headquarters.  The hotel has really experienced this situation as Bill Clinton had his campaign headquarters here in 1992.


Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) seems to like this French-style brasserie in the Upper East Side.  It’s here that he meets Rob Hemmis, advisor to the president-elect, then later on Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin).  It’s also here that he holds a corrupt senator prisoner in the cold chamber.

Aire Ancient Baths

Upon his arrival in New York, the head of the Iranian secret services and CIA double agent, Majid Javadi (Shaun Toub), loosens up a bit in this establishment and gets abducted. Opened in 2012, it was set up inside an old textile factory dating from 1883.


Open in the 70s by two brothers from Alsace, Raoul’s serves a French menu in a Parisian-style brasserie.  Carrie discreetly meets the president elect here in the kitchens.

New York State Supreme Court

The FBI press conference given by special agent Ray Conlin concerning the arrest of Sekou takes place in the magnificent hall of this hexagonal building inaugurated in 1927.  Unfortunately it is rarely open to the public.


Dar meets General Jamie McClendon in this establishment open in 1900 where there are several old wooden phone booths.  Today it is managed by Anthony Bamonte, grandson of the founder (Pasquale Bamonte) and nothing seems to have changed; for example the red-checkered table cloths so characteristic of Italian restaurants.

New York Marriott East Side

While shooting a video looking back on the terrorist attacks that took place in New York, Sekou and Seed first pass through Times Square then go to this famous hotel.  At its opening in 1923, it was the biggest hotel in the world with 1,200 rooms.

Frannie Mathison’s foster family

The foster home where Fannie is placed is located near Forest Park, in Queens.  Carrie goes there to observe her daughter but cannot have any contact with her.

Barclay Center

Saul thinks he’s going to meet Majid at a hockey game, but another man shows up for the rendezvous: Amir Bastadi.  Bastadi saved the head of the Iranian secret services from a brutal interrogation and offers to take Saul to see him.  Inaugurated in 2012, the Barclay Center can seat 19,000 for a concert or 17,700 spectators for NBA games with the Brooklyn Nets.

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