New York : The must-see places of Friends with benefit

A modern version of the romantic comedy, Friends with Benefits, also takes us on a tour of the New York of young professionals. While Dylan Harper (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie Reliss (Mila Kunis) are seen in many cliché spots, the Café Habana is most certainly the address you should go to.

GQ Magazine

The front of this Rockefeller Center building is used to situate the headquarters of GQ, the magazine where Dylan becomes artistic director.  The choice of the building is significant as before becoming the Bank of America, it housed the Associated Press.  As we mention in our Guide New York of 1000 cult movie, series, music, comics, novel locations, the bas-relief above the main entrance symbolizes five journalists at work.  Entitled “News”, this work by Isamu Noguchi was completed in 1937 and was at that time the biggest bas-relief in stainless steel in the world.


101 Park Avenue

When she wants to show Dylan around town, Jamie takes him to the roof of this building so that he can take in the incredible view.  Later, they’ll also have it out on the rooftop of this enormous building.  Unfortunately, access to the rooftop is closed to the public.


Cafe Habana

Jamie and Dylan have lunch together and for the first time they talk about their emotional lives in this delicious Cuban restaurant where Justin Timberlake is a regular patron in real life.  Maybe you’ll even run into him!


Appartement de Jamie

It’s in this apartment just beside the Café Habana that Jamie and Dylan first bring up the idea of staying friends while at the same time sleeping together.


Appartement de Dylan

Dylan’s fabulous loft is in the Tribeca district, on the border of Soho, a favorite area of artists.


Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1

The bridge and Manhattan are in the background during the nighttime festival on this jetty.  It’s here that Dylan gets to know a not-so-friendly Shaun White.  The double Olympic half-pipe champion plays his own role.


Pershing Square Cafe

The final scene in the movie shows Jamie and Dylan having lunch in this atypical restaurant situated just across from Grand Central, in a former tourist office.  However, you won’t be able to get the same table as them; it was set up near the entrance just for the filming.


Grand Central

Dylan plans an enormous surprise in the station for Jamie in order to win back her heart.


Bethesda Terace

Jamie and Dylan take a walk in Central Park several times.  They try to seduce other people and in particular a Belgian tourist near the fountain that Dylan goes to talk to.


Times Square

Dylan and Jamie are out for a walk and by coincidence encounter a flash-mob.


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