New York : The must-see places of When Harry met Sally

Evoking the frequently discussed topic of friendship between a man and a woman, Rob Reiner’s romantic comedy is amongst the most famous movies associated with New York. The legendary fake orgasm scene takes place in a restaurant where you can still go to!

Katz's delicatessen

Open since 1888, this historical deli is the setting for the mythical scene where Sally Allbright (Meg Ryan) pretends to have an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant in front of Harry Burns (Billy Crystal).  A sign still hangs over the table seen in the film.  It’s not without a bit of humor that it says:  “Hope you have what she had”.  The woman who gives her order to the waiter “Give me what she had” just after this memorable moment is Estelle Reiner, the director’s mother. She explained that this line was added so as not to focalize too much on Harry’s character and to put Sally in the limelight.  Try the pastrami sandwiches, they are legendary.


The Loeb Boathouse

During lunch on the edge of the lake with Marie (Carrie Fisher) and Alice, Sally announces that she broke up with Joe a few days ago.  Right away her two friends suggest the names of some potential boyfriends.  The restaurant is in an exceptional setting but this is also reflected in the prices.


Café Luxembourg

Wanting to introduce each other to potential dates, Sally and Harry organize a dinner in this nice Upper East Side restaurant.  She comes with Marie, and Harry with Jess.  Whereas neither Sally nor Harry is interested, Jess and Marie hit it off right away.


Puck Building

As we mention in our Guide New York of 1000 cult movie, series, music, comics, novel locations, Jess and Marie’s wedding takes place in the Skylight Ballroom, on the 7th floor of this building whose name “Puck” refers to the Shakespearean character.  In fact, the building sports two gilded statues of him.


Jess & Marie's House

Jess and Marie move in together in this brownstone typical of the Upper West Side.  Harry and Sally come to help them on moving day.  Jess’ wagon wheel coffee table starts Harry off on a long pessimistic tirade about married life.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

It’s under the huge windows of the Dendur Temple that Harry asks Sally to go to the movies that evening.  But she declines and he is sure it’s because she has a date.


Harry's apartment

Harry lives in this small building near Union Square.  His apartment is on the top floor, the only one with three rounded windows.


Washington Square park

When they first meet, Sally and Harry are car-pooling from Chicago to New York.  They really don’t seem to have much in common and after crossing the Washington Bridge, Sally drops off Harry, with relief, at the foot of the arch built in 1889 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of George Washington becoming President of the United States.


JFK - Terminal 7

Five years after their arrival in New York, Harry and Sally run into each other at the airport where Sally is with Joe, her fiancé.  They both travel in the same plane and still don’t see things the same way.


Bethesda Terrace

Jess and Harry do sports in Central Park and pass close by this famous fountain visible in numerous films.


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